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Infant Has Body Odor Armpits

If your toddler has armpit odor talk to her pediatrician.

Infant has body odor armpits. Body odor in children is usually a sign that they are growing up. But body odor in places such as the armpits in your toddler could be a probable signal of an underlying illness. We originally thought it was his organic formula but weve since switched him to non organic. Check in with your childs doctor if you have any concerns about whether your child is developing normally.

When bacteria on the skin mixes with sweat the result is an unpleasant odor even in young kids. Body odor typically does not occur until a child begins puberty which is considered early if it happens before a child reaches 8 years old. In some toddlers armpit odor may be due to the colonization of certain bacterial strains momjunction here tells you all about body odor in toddlers. The odor may be a sign of underlying illness or even early puberty.

But the presence of body odor in children and toddlers who arent yet at the typical age for puberty 8 to 13 for girls and 9 to 14 for boys typically could signal that its time to talk to a pediatrician. Commonly known as body odor bo and technically as bromhidrosis malodorous armpits. It is an awful. Genetics or mental conditions like anxiety stress and depression can also lead to excessive sweating and cause body odor.

Boys younger than 9 who show similar developmental signs are considered to be going through precocious puberty. My young child has body odour my sons armpits smell strongly of fish i have bad body odour and breath sexual health depression beauty weight loss procedures healthy living ask the expert healthy. Body odor in children is normal starting with early puberty which is when kids generally start using deodorant. Body odor is not always a result of a physical condition.

When a child enters puberty the hormones stimulate glands in the skin including those in the armpits. My son age 9 months has a very strong body odor smell in his armpits even after rigorous scrubbing and bathtime. When children develop physical and hormonal signs of puberty at an early age parents may notice underarm odor.